He was the mentor and elder brother of film director John Ford. He also appeared in many of John Ford's movies, including Young Mr. Lincoln and The Quiet Man. The Quiet Man. Ford undoubtedly envisioned the opposite. As actor, he would provide convincing portrayals of men of authority - men sometimes ruthless if not downright unsavory. Victor McLaglen. Él foi'l mentor y hermanu mayor del direutor John Ford, actuando en munches de les películes d'ésti, ente elles Young Mr. Lincoln y The Quiet Man Elder brother of the director John Ford and himself a screen director (and John's erstwhile mentor) until the advent of sound. The Quiet Man (1952) is director John Ford's epic romantic comedy - a loving, sentimental, nostalgic tribute to his Irish ancestry and homeland. Francis Ford (1881-1953) as Dan Tobin in "The Quiet Man" (1952) Saved by Jeff Barnes The former boxer and World War I veteran always made a big impression in Ford productions, whether in starring or supporting parts. Francis Ford (born Francis Feeney, August 14, 1881 – September 5, 1953) was a prolific film actor, writer, and director. When Director John Ford (whose real name was Sean O'Feeney) first proposed that a film be adapted from the book "The Quiet Man", studio heads in the 1940's dismissed it as a "simple little Irish story" that would be a financial bomb at the box office. Many of the actors in this film were related. Charles and James Fitzsimons were Maureen O'Hara's real-life brothers (Fitzsimons was her real surname), and Francis Ford was director John Ford's brother. Francis Ford (14 d'agostu de 1881 – 5 de setiembre de 1953) foi un prolíficu actor, direutor y guionista cinematográficu de nacionalidá estauxunidense. Francis Ford was born in … Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shield were brothers. (From left, actor/director Francis Ford, actors John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald (seated), Victor McLaglen (standing) and director John Ford on set of John Ford‘s Academy Award winner The Quiet Man). He had also acted in his own films and those of other directors, but turned to acting exclusively circa 1929. See the full list of The Quiet Man cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. A rich, beautifully-textured Technicolor presentation deserving of its Color Cinematography award, it was filmed mostly on location in Ireland, although some backdrops and background studio shots were obviously intermixed. Still, Francis managed to appear in 32 of John’s films, including “The Informer” (1935), “The Prisoner of Shark Island” (1936), and “The Quiet Man” (1952). Francis Ford (14 de agosto de 1881 – 5 de septiembre de 1953) fue un prolífico actor, director y guionista cinematográfico de nacionalidad estadounidense. Él fue el mentor y hermano mayor del director John Ford, actuando en muchas de las películas de este, entre ellas Young Mr. Lincoln y The Quiet Man The Quiet Man stands as a romantic comedy with dramatic elements that can entertain should you be open minded for such things. Man Michael Wayne Teenage Boy at Races Harry Tenbrook Policeman Sam Harris General at Race Harry Tyler Pat Cohan the Publican Patrick Wayne Boy on fence at horse race Crew John Ford Director, Producer Adele Palmer Costume Designer Archie J. Stout Cinematographer Charles Thompson Set Designer Dr. Arthur Colahan Songwriter Frank Hotaling Art Director